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Link from Potosi/Cassville photo on the home page.


This photo is contributed as courtesy to the City of Potosi mural by Dr. Abdul Sinno.

Potosi Cassville vicinity Where art originates…

It is always the dialect between the artist and nature that reproduces art pieces. Art is created by God and we reproduce it through vision, contemplation, absorption, and reproduction. It is innate in nature and only shows when we grow it inside ourselves. Our inner lenses determine the final product which ranges from classical to abstract. Rural Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin are particularly endowed with the finest and most inspiring art elements. As I drove between Potosi, Cassville, and Lancaster, I spontaneously stopped by this scene. So beautiful and fascinating—I felt that I will reduce its beauty shall I describe it. I suffice to say that all elements of art are there from the simplicity of elements to the complexity of impact. I stop so you proceed from where I left. Enjoy.

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